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Plantar fasciitis pain

This is the plantar fasciitis forum, a place where stories about plantar fasciitis treatment will be shared. Comments and questions can be asked generally or specifically to the story-tellers and responses will be provided as quickly as possible.

As you know, the journey may be different for each person. Thus, some of the stories will include information about treatments and products that worked to achieve heel pain relief. Others will indicate that the individual is still working to discover the “cure,” if one exists.

As I searched the internet for the best treatment for heel pain, I found several blogs that mentioned plantar fasciitis as it related to their own situation. Often, the individual who wrote the blog shared at least a little about their personal struggles with the pain.

I also noticed that several sites had discussion forums about heel pain issues but not very many focused on having other individuals share their personal journeys with plantar fasciitis.

What Have Others Experienced?

It made me wonder:

  • How have others coped with plantar fasciitis pain?
  • How long have they dealt with it?
  • What caused the pain in the first place?
  • What type of plantar fasciitis treatment did they use?
  • What products have they used that have been helpful in relieving and/or eliminating heel pain?

Personal stories can be very helpful. Just click the links in the drop-down menu below the Plantar Fasciitis Stories link to read how others have coped with plantar fasciitis or other heel pain difficulties.

Hopefully their stories will help you see that you can overcome your own issues with heel pain.

31 thoughts on “Plantar Fasciitis Forum

  1. Failed plantar fasciitis surgery and a stress fracture here. Yep, flip flops are permanently off my list except for using them for the shower at the gym! Now I have to wear orthotics all the time and cute shoes are nearly impossible to find. And I may never walk barefoot again, too painful. The quickest way to destroy your feet is to wear heels all day and then put on flip flops when you get home! Trust me ladies, it is so not worth it.

      1. Thanks for pointing these out to Chloe. Obviously, there are several potential solutions, hopefully one of which will work for her. Between Stephen’s suggestion of custom orthotics and your suggestion of proper shoes, perhaps one be best for Chloe.

  2. My heels start aching really bad when I walk across the floor. It is when I wake in the morning and take my first few steps. I am now undergoing orthotics treatment from Physiomed in Toronto. I have bought new heel pads for shoes. Hope this helps.

    1. Sounds like you are doing all you can to overcome your foot problems, Shannon. Thanks for sharing with us. I wear heel pads all the time now, along with soft-soled shoes, and it has helped a lot.

    1. Thanks for adding to this discussion, Emma. I haven’t actually heard from many people who have used compression socks so it’s good to hear that they are working well for you. Orthotics, compression socks, good shoes – they all can contribute to the healing of our feet.

  3. Plantar pain is common in the morning if you suffer from PF. Try the socks overnight, do some plantar and calf stretches when you wake up, and wear suitable shoes – good arch support, good heel support, and good cushioning (ShoeWOW Plantar Fasciitis Shoes. Doctors are only likely to treat the symptoms, unless it gets unbearably bad, in which case you might get plantar fascia release surgery. Even this doesn’t guarantee the problem won’t return though.

    1. Hi Matt – What you’ve said reflects basically what I’ve been saying throughout my articles. Several of my early articles described issues related to shoes including my own personal story. I had a case of very bad shoes that I subsequently changed out for good shoes. I haven’t really written a “good shoe review,” however. Thanks for your words of wisdom.

    1. The insoles on the page you point to appear to be very similar to the types of insoles I can buy at my local CVS drug store (which is where I buy mine). From the looks of the assorted types available, at least one of them will probably be helpful for the majority of individuals who struggle with plantar fasciitis. Do they cause one to alter the way they walk? Most of those will not. I’ve worn heel pads and orthotic insoles since my bout with pf and found them to be comfortable. Some cases may require more customized inserts such as those used in Neil’s story.

  4. I had orthopedic plantar fasciitis release surgery a week ago, after suffering since November. Since the pain started, I have had two cortisone shots and 13 PT appointments that just made the pain worse. Has anyone else had this surgery recently? My doctor said I might try wearing tennis shoes after a week however with the stitches still needing covered via ace wrap and surgical gauze, my foot won’t fit in them so I’m still wearing the surgical boot. Just wondering what others experienced and how long their recovery took to feel normal again.

    1. Beckie, that is quite an ordeal. So sorry to hear about shots and physical therapy appointments, all for naught. I sure hope the surgery does the trick. The very first comment on this page, from Chloe, mentioned a failed surgery but I haven’t seen any other surgery comments on this page (could be others scattered around the site). Perhaps someone else out there will read your comment and respond with their own experience.

  5. What I’ve done to help with my intense heal pain ,😈 first you need a stretchy arch band , (can purchase on Amazon) a Toaob 2.48″ Stress Squeeze Relief Ball, Or any light weight, soft squeeze – 3 inch ball (no gel balls, they have to be easy to squeeze and have sponge inside). Roll of white sport tape. Gel shoe inserts .
    Now, tape your heal with sport tape, (look up how to, on youtube) place arch band onto foot, cut your ball in half with a paring knife ,slip half the ball on the under side of your foot ( rounded end against foot) inside the arch band.
    Slip your gel supports into your shoes ( Never go barefoot) and off you go, I can now walk with out pain. 😊

    I hope this helps others, God bless.

    1. Hi Dee. This is fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing this method! I Haven’t seen anything like it before but, then again, I certainly haven’t heard all the various ways that can help relieve the pain. I’m so glad it’s worked for you and hopefully it might help others who suffer with heel pain specifically. I’ll do some research to see if I can find anyone else who has recommended this type of method.

  6. As Chloe implied above, surgery should only be a very last resort. There are so many great ways to help plantar fasciitis. There’s stretching exercises, and massage with a foot roller/ball, orthotics, etc. All these will benefit but if you try orthotics, make sure they’re custom fit to your foot and also make sure they support ALL 3 arches of your feet in order to properly correct your foot pronation and help heal your plantar fasciitis. I wear custom orthotics from Foot Levelers. They’ve been around for a long-time (60+ years) and have supported all 3 arches during their entire life. They have great information on Plantar Fasciitis as well as a video on how to treat here.

    Their orthotics have helped me tremendously. I had so much pain every time I stood up, walked, or squatted (because of my knee pain). After about 2-3 months of learning them, pain is almost completely gone!

    1. Thanks, Stephen. That’s good information; similar to the solution Neil describes in his story – custom orthotics. What you say about exercising is very true. In fact, the reader can discover a bit more detail by clicking these links: stretching or massage with a ball or water bottle. In addition, on this site I’ve expanded on several of the points made on the webpage you pointed to: what is plantar fasciitis. I appreciate your expansion of Chloe’s information.

    1. Joanne, you ask a very good and tough question. Tough because not everyone is the same so there is no single answer to this question. Neil’s story in this forum talks about how he used custom orthotics to help overcome his problems with plantar fasciitis. But for many, simple orthotics purchased at a drug store could be effective. I haven’t specifically addressed this topic to this point, so let me say that one general article that I could recommend is called A Guide to Running Shoe Inserts (written by Richard Lovett) on the Runner’s World website. You can read a number of other articles on this topic by Googling “best orthotics for runners”.

  7. Hi everyone,
    I have suffered with plantar fasciitis for close to three years now. It is an incredibly painful and frustrating disorder. I have tried almost everything – custom orthotic inserts, physical therapy, cortison injections, a walking boot, heel lifts, surgery, etc. I have started a blog documenting my journey with PF that you are welcome to check out my blog for some tips and advice.

    If that link to my blog doesn’t work, please private message me and I will send it to you. Take care and feel better soon. 🙂
    – Becky

    1. Thanks, Becky. Sounds like you’ve had quite a trip with pf! I hope a few people find the link and take a look at what you have to say. The more help people can get to overcome this, the better.

  8. I’ve had heel pain since I started working for walmart. Now that I’m at a brand new store, the pain is so bad that I spend my day limping. I went to the dr a few days ago and have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis. She put me on prednisone (which isn’t doing anything to relieve the inflammation) and to rest along with stretches and ice. I can’t afford to rest at my job as a department manager. I’m not sure what to do during the day. If I sit or rest for too long because of the pain I get into trouble or have an even harder time getting back up. The pain makes me want to cry sometimes. Help?

    1. Alexandra, so sorry to hear about your situation. My first question regarding what you might try to do would be: have you looked through some of the potential methods of dealing with plantar fasciitis that have been discussed on this website? Stretching and rest are good but obviously you can’t rest on the job. First of all, think about the type of shoes you are wearing. You should wear comfortable, flat shoes. You could try simple orthotics available at CVS or Walgreens. Also, there are a number of things you can do to try to alleviate some of the pain, including rolling your foot on a ball or stick while sitting at a desk or at home in the evening, applying self-massage, or working on trigger-point therapy. Hopefully, if you read through ideas on this site or on others, you’ll try some of them and see if one or more can help your particular situation. Remember, there is no ONE solution to plantar fasciitis. Everyone’s situation is different. Hope you can find relief quickly.

    2. Hi Alexandra, I find compression socks really help me while working on my feet all day. They won’t cure your PF but will give relief. Well they do for me.. Good luck!

  9. Hi
    I was diagnosed over a year ago. I have had countless physio sessions and various different specialists massage, I’ve had electro therapy, special inserts, mri scan, the scaring is forming with the bone now. My specialist is running out of ideas. Surgery next? Came from body building without stretching. I stretch all day long now and use balls and other things to roll under feet. Nothing helps for long. It’s like everyone wants to make money from you without it having any benefit. Depressing.

    1. Hey Bill. I’m so sorry to hear your situation. You’ve pretty much tried everything, haven’t you? Yours is one of the worst situations anyone has written in about, especially when you talk about the scarring forming with the bone. I did find an interesting article in Podiatry Today (author Bob Baravarian, May 2010). It’s a bit dated but talks about a number of further options when the problem has gone well beyond more normal inflammation issues. I’m curious to know if you’ve looked into any of the mentioned procedures.

  10. I’ve experienced such intense foot pain that in the past I had to curtail my gardening activities. These shoes have given me back my gardening life. I can now stand again for hours without discomfort. Orthofeet are definitely not the most attractive shoes I’ve ever had, but they are qualitatively the most comfortable walking shoe I’ve ever put my feet into. The shoes were true to size, and were “out of the box” comfortable the first time I put them on.

  11. Hi read a lot comment you don’t find definitive resolve for heel spur. Many people suffer in heel pain and there is a one resolved without surgery. I had too it. I found effective cream in Europe. The treatment fast and painless.
    And the best It have a guarantee if it don’t working within 2- weeks they pay back money.
    Only I offered it.

    1. Thanks for the information, Anita. I haven’t heard of this cream previously. Perhaps there are others who have heard of this and can give their opinions.

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